Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Playlist

I love holidays and even though I am already listening to Christmas music, I do realize we haven't finished celebrating Halloween, yet. I am in the process of perfecting a playlist for CrossFit tomorrow. (Yes, I will be dressed up in some kind of costume...to be determined tonight) This is the playlist so far! Unfortunately, the one song I really want is not on Spotify, but YouTube came to the rescue!

By the way, I live in upstate NY and Sandy was supposedly coming right at us...I had electric and even my plant outside on my deck (that typically falls over in a rainstorm) was still standing upright. All good up here!

Yesterday was Overhead Squats, 1 rep max. I PR'd and did 125#!!!! I struggled so much getting the weight overhead with a wide grip...I can push press much more!...anyone have a suggestion for that?

P.S.- I've updated my site a bit! Check out product reviews :)

Have a good Halloween tomorrow!!


  1. What a fun Halloween playlist! Congrats on your PR! I actually find that I can jerk with a wide grip from behind the neck more than I can with a regular split jerk. Sorry that's not any help!

    1. Thank! haha, lucky you! I gues I'll just have to build up the strength!!

  2. Love your playlist!!! Glad you were safe in the storm!