Friday, October 19, 2012

My Week in Workouts

Workout Recap! This is a typical week for me, with the exception of doubling up Thursday. I haven't been doubling up much, but I will be more, I have another competition coming up!

6am class: Clean & Jerk Max ...I got up to 140# 

6pm with Matt: 10 rounds of 10 perfect air squats and 10 GHD situps...ouch!

Perfomance WOD #3
7 Minute Diane Ladder  (1,1- 2,2- 3,3) Total Reps
    Men’s Rx- 225 lb Deadlift, Hand Stand Push Ups
    Men’s Scaled- 155 lb Deadlift, Hand Release Push Ups
    Women’s Rx- 155 lb Deadlift, Hand Stand Push Ups
    Women’s Scaled- 105 Deadlift, Hand Release Push Ups

-I started RX, then struggled too much with my HSPUs and did hand release push-ups instead (I re-did this workout RX on Thursday!)

WOD #1
2k Row

WOD #2
6 min - 10 Dumbell Snatch 45/35/25/15 (heavy)
on the minute (alternate arms each min)

My hand did not enjoy the dumbell snatching (35#) :( I am such a baby when I have to hold rough bars, etc. Still working on conditioning my hands!


6am class: I redid the "Diane Ladder" from Tuesday, this time with HSPUs!!
then "The Master Chief"
Complete as many rounds as possible in 3 minutes: 
3 Power Clean - 155/105/95/65
6 Front Squats 
9 Push Ups
Rest for 1 minute between the 3 minute rounds. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles.

I got 8 complete rounds in here!

7pm class: (competitors/advanced class)
For time:
25 double unders
25 pushups
25 box jumps
25 air squats
25 lateral jumps over a bar
Alternating back squat/deadlift (decreasing weight, increasing reps on back squats/increasing weight, decreasing reps on deadlifts)
Back Squat       Deadlift
1- 155#           12-135#
3-135#             9-155#
6- 115#            6- 175#
9- 95#              3- 195#
12- 75#            1- 215#
25 pullups and 25 toes 2 bar

I finished in 16:46 :) I did use a red band for my pull-ups, and I am paying for not using a thicker one today! Ouch...but it hurts so good!

75 double unders
75 cleans
75 squats
75 sit ups
75 kettle bell swings
375 total reps

This workout is dedicated to one of the girls in the box who is moving to California :( She was my favorite person to compete against in class! 

Saturday will be "Grace" for the Barbells for Boobs fundraiser! Then the rest of the day will be spent recovering! I love looking back on all I've done this week!


  1. i couldn't imagine doing crossfit twice a day! that is workout crazy girl!thats so awesome!

    1. haha, I'm addicted...and really trying to get ready for a competition in december! I have a long way to go!!!