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I'm Karli and this is my blog "Keep Going...". I live in Upstate NY and in May 2012, I fell in love with CrossFit. A month after starting CrossFit, I started following a Paleo lifestyle. I love inspiring other and of course talking about CrossFit and Paleo! Here, I'll also be writing about my adventures and experiences which mostly happen with my BF, Matt!

A sidenote about my web URL...in high school I played volleyball and one of my best friends (Nick) cheered me on by changing my middle name to "Freakin", which was shortened to KFB. He was one of the first people to believe in my ability to take on anything...

"You're KFB and can achieve the athletically impossible"- Nick

So, with that always in the back of my mind, I will continue to improve, taking on new challenges and pushing my limits...hence the title "Keep Going..."

Hope You Enjoy! :)


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    Hi Karli,

    Healthline is interested in contributing a guest post to kfb2beastmode.blogspot.com. We would be open to contributing any blog that would be of interest to your readers. Healthline bloggers have been featured on a variety of sites including:

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    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Warm Regards,