Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was the Fall Face-Off CrossFit team competition. It was such a great experience. The morning was rough, I was nervous...not knowing what to expect aside from the first workout.

Beyond Rugged BAMFs
WOD #1
20 ground to over head (snatch or clean & jerk) 65# women and 115# for men
20 burpee step ups
500m row

We rocked this workout, finishing 2nd or 3rd in our heat. According to my teammates, I turned a nice shade of blue during my turn. I swear I was breathing!!

WOD #2
10 min to max out clean & jerk, seated press, snatch, and front squat
Each teammate must do a different lift and you want your total lifted weight to be the highest.

Strength was our weakness, sadly. We fell behind here. I see how people PR during these events, though. My team was right in front of where the crowd stands, and I was struggling with the 95# snatch (This is my max, and I had barely warmed up). I got the bar over head and just had to stand and I studder stepped a few times (scared the crap out of the front row of spectators) then locked out and everyone was cheering! I'll say it again, CrossFit is so great because the people you are surrounded by go from your competition to your cheerleader in seconds... its so amazing.

 WOD #3
100 kettlebell swings (100 between the men and 100 between the women)
100 box jumps (ditto)
50 lateral jumps over parallettes
5 pull-ups chest to bar (with assistance from team mates if needed)
We finished this WOD fast, we were in the top again, but we weren't able to beat the #1 team here. Those pull-ups required almost no arm strength....from me at least! This was a fun workout, except for when I slammed my knee against the box jump. Tara, the other girl on my team really helped me after that. I momentarily lost my ability to jump and she hopped right back in after barely getting a break to rest.

WOD #4
20 minutes total
10 minutes for women first, every minute on the minute do 5 burpees then as many wall-balls as possible alternating between the 2 women.
Then the men did the same for 10 minutes.
The goal is to get the most wall-balls

We rocked this workout, if we weren't first, we had to be second. We got 403!

We came in 5th place out of 23 or 24 teams? I'm not sure...but we really did great! The other 2 teams from my box came in first and second! I am surrounded by fantastic athletes!

Sunday was rest day and celebratory cheat day! It was great. The BF and I couldn't move in the morning....unfortunately the excessive amounts of water we drank the day before got the best of us and our bladders could no longer handle it. I made sweet potato hash and eggs...which Matt added to it steak and vegetables because he's a beast.

Then we slowly got ready and headed to Barnes & Noble to drink sugary sweet happiness and read.
 No that's not my name...but it sounds the same. Pumpkin spice white chocolate mocha....with whip. Oh yeah.
 Then after enjoying a few chapters of Gone Girl, I hit up the business section and decided to see what they had to say about my business idea.
 I'm glad my bf doesn't think I'm silly always making him take pictures of me doing things just so I can blog about it!
Finally...This happened. MMmm, powdered cheese and dairy milk with gluten-ful noodles. I ate the whole box. And was hungry 20 minutes later, so I ate beef stew, haha.

Good news! Tomorrow will be a double recipe post! no bake paleo cookies (Paleo challenge approved!!) AND the amazing dumplings!!!! So you better come back and check them out, k?!

How was your weekend? Kill any workouts? or relax and recover?


  1. Awesome job and fabulous recap!!! You are a crossfit warrior!!! Way to go! Spa love!

  2. wow that crossfit competition looks awesome! You guys did a great job! I just started a month ago and love it!

  3. I am SO happy for you, great job! I, too, would love to start a fitness related business one day. I'd love to hear about your idea :-) Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you!! I'm going to message you about it haha!

  4. You're a rockstar! nice job!! I think snatches are definitely the trickiest lift in the universe, but it looks like you at least know how to do it correctly :) Just keep on pulling, the weight will get there!!

    1. Thanks! haha it is so tricky!, I love it though, definitely my favorite lift!