Thursday, October 11, 2012

Short and Sweet

I didn't want to not post, but I really want to use all of my spare time to study for my Level 1 cert this weekend!

So here is a short for your entertainment post!

Last night, I went to trivia night at a local bar with a few CrossFit friends (and Tammy!). So, my Paleo BF, Matt was meeting up with us after work and asked me to order dinner. He wanted the surf and turf, (they were out of the surf part, so he got chicken). Then asked for "double seasonal veggies" instead of potato. Well this arrived....
Immediately, my fellow paleo-eaters and I exclaimed "He can't eat that!". I think we startled the waitress haha...but in the end, we got him a salad :) Go team!

My favorite CrossFit websites that make me happy:
Awesome people doing awesome things...
Funny GIFs about CrossFit :)

Songs that will NEVER be removed from my workout playlist:


Update on my arms... still don't have functioning arm muscles...boooo
Update on CrossFit, today I rested AND signed up for an individual competition in New Haven, CT in December :)


  1. I've had Lose Yourself on my playlist for years :)

  2. Great song choices!! Love florence and the machine!! Spa love!