Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tummy Aches and Pancakes!

How was everyone's Halloween?! I didn't go Trick-or-Treating or pass out candy, or even eat candy! I did go to the movies and avoided all of the sugar and saw Perk of Being a Wallflower (loved it! cried! definitely felt homesick seeing my favorite views of Pittsburgh throughout it)

I did wear a costume to CrossFit and work though! (Me on the left!) I was an angel! We did a challenge WOD for the Lurong challenge, it included rowing, double unders, sit-ups, lunges...and more. I was doing well keeping the costume on, but then my jump rope got stuck in my wings and I ripped the whole costume off, hulk style. No not really....Just the wings and halo.

This is what I wore to work on Halloween!
This has nothing to do with Halloween...but be jealous, I ate this on Tuesday...Mmmm Mickey Coconut pancakes!

Whine time!

(things going on in my life, let me know if you have any suggestions!)

Let talk workouts and discouragement. I haven't felt like I've "killed a workout" lately. Aside from my OHS PR on Monday, I haven't really felt good about a WOD. (Did I get a good workout? yes...Am I getting stronger? yes...I can do pull-up with a smaller band and soon I'll be able to kip...I feel it!) but something is holding me back! AAhhh stupid head...

Have you ever finished a workout and thought, "I could have gone harder/faster"? It's a terrible feeling.

Unfortunately, I realized last night that the smell of chocolate protein powder makes me EXTREMELY nauseated...I can't even be in the same apartment as it after it's already been drank (drunk?) and the container rinsed out. It's awful. I gag and curl up into fetal position and rock back and forth (truly not exaggerating, here). All I wanted was some saltine crackers...but guess what? They aren't paleo and I don't need to lose anymore points on this diet challenge! Paleo followers-- what do you do when you have an upset stomach??

Spearkin of upset stomachs...after this challenge, I am thinking I might alter my diet (*gasp*). I know, I know....I love paleo, and I will continue following the basic rules of it (still not going to eat gluten or processd foods/sugars) but something isn't right. I'm not doing something right. I've felt nauseated and tired too often in the past few weeks. I either have NO appetite or I'm a starvin' Marvin! So, research is being done! More to come as it's discovered :)

Wish me luck (or drive?) tonight! It's competitors class time which is always a guaranteed killer workout!


  1. I know what you feel like about feeling sucky on workouts. I had to take a few days off because I was just feeling sucky and am coming up with this plan of attack.
    1) Only working out on M,Tue,Thur,and Fri. That will give me 2 rest days in a row and then 1 rest day in the middle. Far cry from 3 on, 1 off I know but I'm old, fat and still out of shape.
    2) Limiting my WODs to 31 minutes--my endurance sucks and I can usually count on my WODs taking twice as long as they do in the main site videos. But I need to cut it off somewhere
    3) Using that extra time to warm up properly and do some skills work---I get frustrated not having my kip down, or double unders, or HSPU, Oly lifts, you get the point--but dont do the work outside of WODS to figure them out
    4) gettting back on the wagon as far as nutrition. Yes, it's 100% than it was last year at this time but only about 80% Paleo. I need that nutrition kick in the butt.

    So, what do you think, coach??

  2. I think I do need more rest days...or you know actually take them. Sounds like you're doing awesome though! As long as you're pushing yourself, you will continue to improve, its just finding the drive to push!

  3. First of all, you look so cute in your work Halloween costume! Second, so sorry for the tummy trouble! Everyone has such a different make up and maybe your system just isn't made for total paleoness?? I'm sure the nutrition experts will have some great advice! Don't be too hard on yourself about the workouts! You're awesome! Make sure to update us and best of luck! Prayers and spa <3 to you!!

  4. love your costume and those mickey mouse pancakes! omg they look delicious!