Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Out to Eat!

A little inspiration for Tuesday!

One of the hardest parts about following a strict diet is going out to eat or away on vacations. This past weekend Matt and I attempted to save money and keep on track with our diet challenge while we were away.

First, we booked a "suite" hotel (get it? hehe) Ok, it was pretty sweet, but it was also a suite that had a fully functioning kitchen. We packed up food from home, including eggs, chicken sausage, veggies, and some pre-cooked food (my veggie chili!) that we were able to just microwave.

When we found they had a Whole Foods, we decided it would be ok to spend a little money. I had NEVER been to a Whole Foods before, so this was ridiculously exciting for me. We hit up the salad bar and made really big salad to take for lunch. You don't HAVE to go to a Whole Foods to do this! Salads are great, I don't care much for lettuce, and it doesn't keep me full anyway, so I made my salad with mostly veggies and (pre-cooked) chicken. 

I was super hungry by the time we left the seminar, but we didn't want to stop for a long sit-down dinner. We found the closest Five Guys Burgers and Fries and each got a bacon burger with no bun. (the regular burgers have 2 patties!) MMmmm This is my new favorite fast food. Other good options are Chipotle and Panera salads (no cheese or dressing).
It's not beautiful, but it was delicious!

It is difficult to eat at restaurants on strict diets. If you're going to eat out, expect that you will probably not be 100% perfect. Most likely, the oil the food is cooked in is not going to be coconut or OO, it might even be butter! I've found that being aware of what you're eating is half the battle. If you have a food allergy or an intolerance, then you probably shouldn't risk it, otherwise, remember if you're strict at least 80% of the time, you're doing well!

Todays WOD(s):
#1: Diane Ladder:
Every minute on the minute for 7 minutes, increasing by 1 rep each time
1 155# deadlift, 1 HSPU (2 DL, 2 HSPU....)

I sucked...I couldn't get up, so I quickly jumped on the scaled wagon and did hand release push-ups!

#2: 2k row (aka...2000m row) I finished in 8:11 woop woop!

#3 : 6 min of dumbbell snatches alternating arms each minute, 10 snatches per minute

I need to work on my upper body strength....It's so frustrating :( But, like the motto of my page, I'll keep going!

**This Saturday, I am participating in the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Fundraiser, Barbells For Boobs, to raise awareness and funds for low income and uninsured women and men to receive necessary screening and procedures. We do the WOD "Grace", 30 clean and jerks for time. I have reached my fundraising goal of $100 but would graciously accept more (its a great cause!) BUT Matt has not reached his goal, and if he can get the funds raised, he will do the workout wearing a PINK BRA! (and I will absolutely post pictures and/or videos on here!!)

Here are the links: 
Karli- https://support.barbellsforboobs.org/individual-fundraising/Karli


  1. I am very curious about paleo. is it beneficial (from your perspective)?

    1. I do think its beneficial. The bloating feeling I had on a regular diet is gone, as well as my hair and skin look healthier. Unfortunately, I'm also having some trouble with hormone regulation. I've heard it could be from the nuts, or just the change in diet. I'm still working on perfecting it for me! If you check out some of my older posts, I talk a lot about it and its effects on me!

  2. Love the fundraiser idea! What an awesome cause! Im also glad u got to check out whole foods. It's definitely one of my favorites!! Keep working hard lady! You're very inspiring! Spa love!

  3. I was actually wondering about going out to eat and eating paleo. I just started today actually and I want to change one of my meals to paleo each day this week.. I'm doing breakfast because I think it is the easiest to change. Then next week I'm going to try lunch. The only meal I really eat with my fiance or the same as my fiance is dinner so I feel like that one will always be hard. I also don't want to ever give up going out with friends if they want to do dinner or something. So I at least want to change some to paleo.. probably just not all. today was a good start though!

    1. I think thats a good idea! Its surprisingly easy to eat paleo (if you're cooking for yourself) and having others enjoy the meals just as much! Does your fiance like meat?! My bf was not following a paleo diet when we first started dating, but when we ate together I cooked so many veggies (roasted broccoli and cauliflower mash are 2 of my original favorites) that he didn't miss the white potatoes or pasta. Then, he converted :) Don't forget-cheat meals are FINE! If you are strict all week and you want to go out with your friends and enjoy a meal, by all means DO IT! don't even think about your diet (unless you know it will upset your stomach, then thats another story) but non-Paleo once or twice a week is acceptable and encouraged! Good Luck!

  4. Awesome job on the rowing!! I stink at it!! :)