Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just a Cookie

Today, I won't be posting about any crazy workouts I did because I am not doing anything too crazy! It's rest and stretch time before Saturday's competition...

Speaking of that, the hosting gym released a "teaser" to show the first WOD:
I'm excited, I know I'll do well on this WOD....I can snatch 65# and I'm a relatively fast rower. I just hate burpees!

It's a good thing I'm resting (though, I'm still spending an hour or 2 at the box on these days? addicted...) I am in such an emotional funk right now. I keep crying about everything!

  • My salad at Panera arrived with dressing and cheese (obviously its not edible to me right now!) so came the waterworks because this was a tragedy. (Luckily, my wonderful bf was with me and asked for a new salad, such a hero)
  • I might be slightly homesick...maybe it's seeing other people getting to spend time with family and hearing about my family doing things and knowing I can't be there. (Well, my brother has it worse, he's in a different time-zone...I miss him too though)
  • I'm hormonal (I cry a lot on a regular basis, this is just how I express feeling...happiness, sadness, whatever, but right now it's worse than normal)
  • I am not allowed to have my comfort foods and I don't have time to relax. I just want a cookie. Is that really too much to ask? Just give me a freakin' chocolate chip cookie. Of course, then the gluten will either upset my stomach or make me feel bloated and fat and I'll cry because I'm a big ugly slob :) yep, quite the pickle I've encountered.

Good news, I will be eating "Madagascar 3" shaped macaroni and cheese on Sunday as my chosen post-competition cheat meal. (-5 points...yeah I can sacrifice that)

Sorry this is not my typical "excited about fitness and healthy eating" type of post....we all have these days, right?


  1. Have a Larabar!!!!

    And I'm a cryer too.. oh boy, can it be bad..

    1. Larabars are my best friend :) and glad to know I'm not the only one!!!

  2. Hang in there!!! Sorry you're having a tough time!! Spa love!