Monday, October 1, 2012

Jicama, Yicama, Hicama

I woke up this morning at 4:12am....without the assistance of an alarm clock or boyfriend. First, I thought I was in Pittsburgh. Then, I panicked and thought I was late for work. Finally, I got out of bed, put on my workout clothes and went to the box to do a super-early WOD again.

5 Rounds
500m row
15 reps bench press 75#

I beat Matt (again). I'm getting good at this!

Yesterday we did did "CrossFit Total" which is the max amount of weight you can lift doing a back squat, a military press, and a deadlift added all together. I got 560! I'm proud of that number...I think!

Week 2 of the Paleo Challenge is complete! It's rough :( I must admit to devouring a can of vanilla coconut cream. It's just so good, and only a little bit of agave...Don't judge me!
Saturday night, I made breakfast for dinner (My favorite). Coconut flour pancakes, with a homemade berry topping.I truly had no idea what I was doing while making the berry topping, but it turned out great!

Sunday night dinner was chicken soup and dumplings...COMPLETELY PALEO! Yes, I somehow managed to make a dumpling without flour and it tasted like a dumpling! I wish I could give you the recipe right now...but I made the dumplings while drinking my daily allotted glass of wine and therefore was drunk having too much fun throwing ingredients into the bowl while dancing to Robyn. I'm going to play around with it and make it again (this time writing stuff down!) and share it! Until then, enjoy this food porn...

Those potato-y looking bits are jicama! Which I believe is pronounced "Hicama" because its a mexican and Mexicans spell "haha" like "jaja"....I'm of eastern European descent so I prefer to call it Yicama. Either way, use it in place of potatoes! It such a trickster looking all potato like, but having a sweeter taste, with an apple like texture and low starch and low glycemic index! Sure, it's not really adding much nutrition, but it's not hurting! It adds texture and additional fiber.

If you're looking for just the soup recipe, it's just organic, natural, nothing added vegetable broth, with every vegetable I had in my refrigerator, and a store bought already-roasted chicken, shredded, and added all together. I also put both chicken legs in to add more flavor, as well as some pieces with skin (I picked all of that out before serving the soup). I added about a cup of water to it because the broth was strong. I also added parsley and thyme then let for for about 45 minutes. It was delicious and really easy.

Check out this pumpkin I bought for only $5.99!!!! It's huge, though I think next to me it doesn't look at big, but it is! I can't wait to clean it out and make something pumpkiny!

Tonight, I'm helping to introduce about 20 women to CrossFit with Girlnetic! I'm so excited to share my passion with all of these awesome ladies!

Until tomorrow! Keep going people!


  1. Oh my! Are you from the pittsburgh area?!? I am! Love that big pumpkin!!!! Hope you're off to a great Monday!!! Spa love!

  2. I'm originally from just outside Pittsburgh! (I refer to my parents home as "Pittsburgh" since most upstate New york-ers wouldn't know the suburbs!) SPA love and Pittsburgh love!!!!

    1. thats so cool!! what a small world!

  3. SO happy to have found your blog. I think its great that you went to IUP and that you are giving Paleo a try. I LOVE paleo. I do not follow it 100%, but do as much as I can :-) I am also obsessed with cross-fit style workouts.