Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Squat-Clean-Thrust-Burpee....ahh whatever

Happy Hump Day! Enjoy this little dancing dog, because it's also REST DAY!

I have no idea why this is sideways...but Anja is too cute not to post, so take this opportunity to stretch your neck :)
After 4 days of hard workouts, I'm ready for a break! Yesterday was pretty terrible.... I went into the box thinking, 25lb DBs are nothing, only 100 squat clean thrusters and a few burpees... I got this! Then 4 minutes in...I kid you not., only 4 minutes...I was done. Not in the finished, mark my time kind of done, the OMG I can't move, done. I will completely admit to "cheating"...(maybe it's not cheating? I didn't quit?) minute 16 or so, I could no longer move because my form fell apart and my back tightened instead of burpee-ing and thrusting, I just collapsed on my butt...and watched everyone around me for a minute.Then, I picked myself up and finished the WOD. 

I looked something like this trying to walk away from my body simply refused to function.

You know what sucks about having a bf that does CrossFit (and wants to drink the kool-aid)....he's better at everything, and when I'm dead after a WOD and not sure I can do the second workout, hes like....

and then finishes the first WOD 4 more times with each person that has fallen behind

while I'm on the floor like...

But then it's great because he pushes me to move faster, lift more, and brings me Chipotle salads :) 
minus the rice and corn of course...but YES, it most certainly is filled with dreams! Mmmmm

I know I said it's rest day, but I'm definitely trying out Krav Maga tonight with my Girlnetic Girls!! Then I'm stuffing my face with the greatest cheat meal prepared for epic pictures of this eating extravaganza and probably a little about Krav Maga too!

Don't ever give up ;) Keep going!

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