Monday, September 10, 2012

Me vs. Daisy Duke

 I feel like I spent all weekend doing CrossFit...Well, I kinda did I guess. Most of Saturday and then twice on Sunday. Obesessed much?

Friday night was a no so cheat night for dinner. This is all that is left of the 2  small gluten free pizzas from Crispy Basil that Matt, Matt's dad, and I ate Friday night. Friggin' delicious.

 There will probably be a few more cheat meals this week. Next Monday is the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge. Nine weeks of strict Paleo eating. Nine weeks to a better me. I paid $50 to force myself back on track. Eek. 

 This is sadly, not approved on the challenge. Its amazing though. All I need to do is cut out the chocolate though and its good to go! Nuts, apple chips (no sugar added), coconut flakes, and raisins! Sometime I add banana chips too, but I haven't been able to find any without sugar added. BF and his roommate can't keep their filthy paws out of the bag. Its a good thing I like them!

 Bacon wrapped 'spergus. Even my vegetarian brother bear would eat this.
Paleo Pumpkin Spice Latte. Not too bad! Pumpkin coffee, pumpkin puree, coconut milk, and a little bit of maple syrup!

Saturday, after spending 2 hours doing a leg WOD and working on my snatch (got up to 85#) and a break for lunch, my afternoon was spent at Barrelest! A bar across from my CrossFit box (Barrel Saloon) hosted a block party type event with contests that included kegs presses and tire flips! I sucked on the tire flipping (I will definitely blame it on my finger and ripped up hands!) but I rocked the keg presses! Even this was my competition....
Daisy Duke? And they ripped, revealing his bright green and yellow undies....awkward.
He no repped everytime, so I won :)

I feel like people are going to start thinking this is all I wear...ever.
I do wear it every time we have an event...which is when I take pictures!

Finally, Sunday, I spotted lifts and took pictures of some of the guys at the box at 7am, then after a fantastic brunch at Cafe Madison (where seriously everybody goes to because we couldn't leave without saying bye to half the restaurant) I was back at the box for my competitors class! It was pretty terrible. I can't even explain how I felt when I was told the WOD had strict pullups. No assistance. 12-9-6. I pouted quite a bit because pull-ups are my worst enemy. Basically, I no-repped 95% of it. 
When I see the WOD has strict pull-ups....

Then the second WOD had hang-cleans. Which are WAY harder than power cleans. And my legs are covered in tiny bruises. I look diseased. Obviously I have awful form, but I did double-unders so go me!

What you tell yourself after a DNF... (did not finish)

OH, BTW, I PR'd my deadlift this morning by 30 lbs. 275!!! I'm so pumped. I want 300 like crazy, and I know I'll get there...soon :) Just gotta keep going.

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