Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mid-week Random Thoughts!

1-This is so annoying! Why sew all of the parts of a pocket into my skirts and dress pants....and then SEW THEM SHUT?! Am I supposed to cut it open??
Seriously, though, please tell me if I am...because it took years before someone finally informed me that you have to cut the slit in pencil skirts (or else its extremely difficult to walk up steps)

2- I have a serious hatred for turkey bacon. you should NEVER mention it around me. If you do, you have been warned, I will rant about it for a good 5 minutes. Don't even use turkey and bacon in a sentence...(ie: I love Subway's Turkey, Bacon sub. I know the are 2 separate meats in that context....but you better emphasize that comma!!)....ugh, it's just so wrong.

3- I did a 35" box jump yesterday :) I can do more....if I don't accidentally punch the box and bruise my knuckle!
Ignore, the ugly nails...I am in desperate need of a mani/pedi....someday.

4- I am tormenting myself with weight gain, fat loss, and muscle building. I am trying to lift heavier and build muscle, but then I look at the scale, freak out and stop eating sweet potatoes and other carbs....then I get tired and don't feel like lifting, and then I get mad that I'm not getting stronger! Ugh. It sucks being a girl. 
Luckily my Progenex Protein came in the mail!!!! Hopefully, it will help me build some muscle!

5- Fish Oil (omega-3) is pretty fantastic. I am not a fan of supplementing, but it's difficult to stay away from omega-6. If you feel like crap often and just aren't recovering quick enough, try it! I bought a higher quality one because I know how much I suck at adding any variety to my diet, so I figured the additional EPA and DHA could help. In case you are wondering, the average American diet has a ratio of 1:20 of omega 3 vs omega 6. That's bad. Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory and omega 6 is pro-inflammatory. Both super important, but if they aren't balanced, bad things happen! Read more of what I have to say here and what doctors say here. Then check out PurePharma or the grocery store to get your omega-3 supplementing on! I seriously started feeling better in a day or 2. (Not saying it will cure anything...but that annoying pain that keeps you from wanting to workout, yeah, that might just go away)

6- Two of my closest friends are moving really far away and I can't remember the last time I hung out with girls and talked and did girly things. Any girls want to come hang out with me sometime? 

I think tomorrow I'm going to share the fabulous paleo birthday cake recipe (I found it again!). Matt and I finished it off last night...we're fat kids, k? don't judge.

Do some squats today :)

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