Friday, September 21, 2012

Dreams and Risks

Since I was about 12 I think, I've wanted to bake. My life plan was go to pastry school with my bff Courtney. We would live together through school and bake amazing things. Then I caught a stick of butter on fire and my mom told me I'm too messy to ever bake professionally. (For some reason I took that to heart and that is the reason I never even thought to actually pursue this dream) So I went in to Radiation and Courtney answered her call in the church.

My dreams have changed slightly, but not by much! After a year in a desk job, I realized that 8-430 chair sitting is bogus. This is totally not me. I have a personal trainers certification, I'm going for my CrossFit level 1 coach cert next month, and healthy eating and fitness are everything to me (okay and my family and friends and bf) but I know they want me to succeed in these dreams. I've realized that I am my father's daughter more now than ever before....He started his own business and his success inspires me. (I just teared up typing that, haha) Also, ever since I've changed my FB name to my first and middle (to prevent creepers and employers from finding my personal life) I have begun signing things as KC (which are also my dad's initials and what everyone calls him).Weird.

I follow a Paleo lifestyle and I love it. What I love even more? Baking Paleo! I love making yummy amazing things for my friends that are following this diet (and some that aren't) and hearing them rave about how surprisingly good it is! (not surprising because I made it, but surprising because it's Paleo!) So how do I get started? What do I do now?  How do I make my dreams come true and start this paleo bakery and eventually (someday in the future, after I become more experienced) open my own gym (CrossFit preferably!)?

It's scary to know what you want and feel drawn to it....but not know how to get there. It's like I'm on one edge of a cliff, and I look across the canyon and see everything I've ever wanted. Sure, there's an unsturdy looking bridge to my right and to my left a long, twisting trail that supposedly leads to the other side...but I'm safe right where I am, why risk it?

I have a fabulous and supportive family, I have a boyfriend who encourages my dreams rather than knocks them down, and I have drive....Now I just need guidance, or a nudge in the right direction.

On a less serious note, I'm going to recap my meals from this week tomorrow (a Staurday post?! heck yes!) and tell you how the challenge is going! I got some pretty exciting news to share :)

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  1. Whats holding you back? You don't need a storefront to bake. You don't need a big business model to make and taste test your products with a small group of like minded friends. (which it would seem you can find in your daily dose of WOD's) You just need to start.