Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brag Post!

Yesterday was a rest day, but I'm still feeling Tuesday night's workout! (and then this morning's workout on top of that!)

I can't believe I didn't post more about it, I love bragging about my workouts!

If I haven't mentioned before, competitor/advanced classes happen twice a week and are harder classes with 2 full WODs. Also, Joy (our the owner and our fabulous coach) trains with us, so we don't have to go over every movement prior to starting. It's great!

The first WOD was 100 OHS with 3 pullups ever minute on the minute. I ended up scaling my pullups because I still can't do more than a row. I love overhead squats though, they might even be a forte. The best part about them is the are a great full bod workout! So much core engagement! Who needs sit ups when you can do OHS?!

Then, the 2nd WOD was a 10 minute AMRAP of 5 heavy deadlifts and 10 toes to bar. I did much better at this WOD.

This morning's WOD was evil. Just plain evil. I thought I had done enough pull-ups Tuesday night. Joy thought otherwise.
Alternating between Thrusters and Pullups we did
3, 6, 9, 12,15, 18, 21 (each round we are increasing reps by 3 thursters)
21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 (decreasing each round by 3 pullups)

I actually felt stronger today. I used a red band for my pull-ups, but I didn't cry or pout or anything. I just did a few, rested, did a few more. Its a slow process, but considering in 24 years of life I was never able to lift my body weight up to a bar, and now I can at least one....I'd say I'm making progress!

Oh and hey, check out this website! Scroll down a bit....see the guy doing snatches? That's my bf :) Aren't I a great gf for sending that in? *pats self on back*

I made paleo chili last night. I'm going to taste it today and if it's good, I'll tell you about it!
Until tomorrow....enjoy these adorable kiddos!
I think I used to look something like this
Flashback!!! See? I told ya I was a Blackbelt!
I'm the taller one, the other girl was a family friend :)


  1. Told ya I love it. Keep 'em coming!

    1. Kulifay, you've always been one of my favorites! <3 miss you!

  2. Paleo chili sounds really good!! You're doing awesome with your workouts and should be proud!! Keep on bragging!! :0) spa love!

    1. Thank you! Make you you come back tomorrow for the recipe!!! <3