Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Snatchin' it up

I love when I surprise myself and rock a WOD.
Ok, so I really don't know if I did THAT well....but I felt like I did! Today is day 2 of the Paleo challenge (I promise I'll stop talking about it daily and keep my updates to weekly for the most part!)
We did a Benchmark WOD (part of the challenge is to see how you improve in CrossFit as well as weightloss, overall health).

"Randy" 75 reps of 55# Snatches- Women's Rx (Mens Rx was 75)
 A snatch is taking weight from the ground to overhead position without stopping in between. (A clean and jerk is ground to overhead, but you pause with the weight on you shoulders)

I completed this in 7:56, and then collapsed on the floor with a heaving chest, gasping for air, unable to move my legs or close my hands (mind you, my finger still looks like a purple grape on the end of a stick)
This lasted a god 2 minutes before I rolled over and pulled myself together.

Then we were told to do 2 rounds of run 200m 15 squats.
"Um, excuse me, if I squat, I won't be able to get back up." BUT I did it and whined a bit.

Tonight, I'm supposed to go back to CrossFit for competitors class (an hour of really hard stuff)
but it's raining, there are 60mph winds expected, and I don't have a car right now (yes, I'm accident prone and break things...this is why I don't have nice things! ok that's a total lie, I'm spoiled). Anyway, my bf texted me to tell me I'm not allowed to walk or ride my bike in this weather to CrossFit.
this is how I feel about that.

Though, I am still sore. There is a chicken waiting to be roasted in the fridge... AND I really don't want to walk in the rain for 3ish miles. I might actually listen to the guy for once (he is a nurse, but I'm stubborn)

My strict paleo-ing is going well, I know I feel good waking up after a good food day, so I can't wait to see how I feel after 63 days of this.

Probably a lot like this :)

We'll see what I end up doing tonight :P

Do you have a hard time taking a break from the gym?
Do you alter you life/make crazy sacrifices for a workout?
Is that safe?

Keep working hard everyone! You rock! Loving the feedback from #sweatpink and #girlsgonesporty <3


  1. I just added you to my news reader, and I don't care what your other bloggers think; I want to hear about your Paleo journey! ;)
    GGS/SPA <3

    1. Yay thank you! I definitely will keep those updates coming! Thats pretty much what my blog is about!
      P.S. check out my next post... I think there will be something you love in it!