Monday, September 24, 2012

Enduring Willpower

It's Monday again, and as usual, my weekend was crazy busy.

Today marks one week of the paleo challenge. This weekend included a life event for me....

I passed on birthday cake and ice cream! Not just any cake and ice cream, but lemon cake with strawberry filling and vanilla cake with chocolate filling....and ICE CREAM! I love ice cream.

Here's the birthday boy, Matt's Grandpa! These sweets were to celebrate his 90th birthday!! Woo hoo!

Also, on Saturday, Matt and I ran the "Color Me Rad" 5k fun run. We got just a bit messy! I was not in the mood to run. I was so sore and tired from the past week of crazy workouts that I basically complained the entire time. We still beat the average person's 5k time (mostly because Matt is incapable of running slow, so even though we were "running together", I was actually chasing him the entire time)

On Sunday, we had a Handstand Clinic at CrossFit Beyond. 3ish hours of handstands is not easy on your body! I am extremely sore today! But, I was able to walk a few steps on my hands, so...Victory!!!!!
My friend Kate working on her handstanding!

For dinner Sunday, I treated Matt and his brother to Spaghetti Squash and meatballs, garlic roasted cauliflower, and yes...paleo garlic biscuits!

Will someone please explain this to me? Why the heck would you drink something with twice as many carbs to protein?! Thats a legit selling point?!

Happy Monday! Have a fit week :)


  1. Congrats on week 1!! And AWESOME on the handstands!!! :)

    And spaghetti squash "pasta".. is the ultimate food. Are you eating cheese? Top that with some mozzarella.. drool...

    1. No cheese! Ahhh! I miss it, a lot. I read on another paleo site, they topped their spaghetti squash with some kind of yeast? I guess its similar to cheese. Maybe I should try it!