Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back at it!

It was so difficult laying on white sandy beaches surrounded by crystal clear blue water sippy pineapple-y coconut drinks last week.... Ok, I lied, it was relaxing, but I couldn't stop thinking about the workouts I was missing! I don't like to take breaks! I spent last week in Aruba and though I couldn't crossfit and sticking with a strict diet was super hard, I still feel pretty good! First, yesterday I PR'd my power clean, lifting 140lbs! Yeeeeeah! I wanted 145 :(

We've had lots of new people starting at my box. I love seeing new people try crossfit for the first time, but I'm not going to lie, the bigger classes frustrate me a bit. This could be because I'm a bit obsessed as I've said before. I had a dream that I was working out with a bunch of new students and doing my typical grunting, weight throwing, yelling that I do and ended up scaring all of the new people away. Oops.

That didn't happen in real life. Though, I did get a few strange looks when I through the 145# to the ground and screamed at it. Meh. *shrug*

So, my favorite thing to talk about....foood! sadly, I haven't been cooking much paleo. Eating? absolutely. But Matt has cooked enough for a small army (or at least for him and I and some for Narodie too) for at least 3 days.
See that green stuff? It was amazing. Actually all of the food was great, but I think the kale deserves the spotlight here. I'll post that recipe in the food.

I did make bacon wrapped dates, though! Super simple, take a date, wrap it in a half a slice of bacon, (do this until you fill a pan/baking sheet/etc) then bake at 400 for like 20 min. (yeah I said "like" because I wanted my bacon super crispy and had to keep adding minutes and forgot to add it all up!)
Om nom nom :)

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