Wednesday, July 18, 2012


After reading this article, I felt inclined to write. (If I feel like writing, I should because I can go days without inspiration, plus I really want to look back on this)

I love lifting. I love pushing myself and seeing how far I can go. I like the pain, I like the muscles. Like my last blog said "muscles aren't manly". Crossfit has don't so much for me physically and mentally. Not only is my strength accepted, its celebrated. I really don't think I've ever felt this comfortable with myself before.

I've struggled my whole life with body-image, always being taller, bigger, bulkier than my friends. Watching the Crossfit games and seeing other female crossfitters, I'm finally happy with myself. I know everyone says you need to learn to love yourself on your own, but who decided that thats how it should be? Society is the reason I felt bad in the first place! I didn't put these awful opinions in my head on my own, so I need help to get them out.

I feel optimistic about life right now. I think I figured out what I need to be doing.
-and this picture/saying/idea keeps popping up I'm taking that as I sign :)

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