Friday, July 20, 2012


Is it bad that I see my crossfit coach more than my roommate? Though, I guess neither me nor roomie Ann have actually been living in our apt lately. The 100 degree heat is not my friend at night. On top of going to crossfit 6 days a week for normal classes, I've been showing up in the afternoon to either work on form or, like last night, just because thats where the cool kids were. I love it though! I love cheering on these fabulous people and watching them rock their workouts! I'm addicted. You know this. Deal with it.

You know what else I'm obsessed with? Coconut. Coconut lotion, coconut oil, coconut flour, have you tasted the coconut mocha at Starbucks?! (oh yeah, I've cheated a few times just for that delicious-ness)

Last night, dinner was pretty fantastic. What made it even better was I didn't make it! (I helped a little, but that ended in a ruined kitchen mat, a melted spatula, and a puddle of tupperware container. Don't ask) Almond flour/coconut breaded chicken with pineapple and a sweet potato on the side with a raspberry/blueberry/bacon kale salad was on the menu. The shirtless chef (yeah, he likes to show off his 6 pack) did most of the work created this yummy dish!

This is my FIRST recipe posted that did not come from the internet! (kudos Matt!)

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