Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Travels, cheats, and PRs!

I know August is still going, but so much has happened that I need to tell you about!

First, I went home to Pittsburgh August 10th-12th for a good friend's wedding! It was beautiful and I cried and then cured my emotions with a handful of grandma made, gluten packed, farthest from paleo cookies! OMG it was great. BUT, I also go the opportunity to train with some really awesome people at R.A.W. Training! (If you didn't know they came in 3rd in the team events of the 2012 CrossFit Games) The facility is HUGE! I had such an amazing time getting my ass kicked by Coach Amy, the owner. (I actually was so sore, dancing at the wedding was quite a challenge and I nearly fell doing the cupid shuffle...though it could have been my natural tendency to trip and fall coming out)
^ Coach Amy and me being goofy
 ^ Look! I do wear something other than spandex workout clothes!
I wanted to win :)

So let's talk PR's. First I PR'd a 5K! CrossFit Beyond went out to support the Boys and Girls Club of Albany and we all did amazing! It's great to show off how much CrossFit helps ALL sports when we all finished at the top, wearing our new CrossFit Beyond T'-Shirts!

^I was dancing
Speaking of PR's, I did a 195# back squat last night. Ok, I know thats nothing compared to what some people can do, but compared to my last 1-rep max (of 170ish?) this is great! I love seeing improvement! I am getting there. Get after it!

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