Friday, August 24, 2012

Let me explain...

I guess when I first started writing this I didn't think much about who would be reading it. I do a lot more than just CrossFit, so I hope I can relate to more people! Unfortunately, I get a little caught up in my CrossfFt jargon and forget to explain what it all means! So here's a bit about CrossFit and my paleo lifestyle.

CrossFit is really just high intensity interval training, mixed with olympic lifting. What makes it different is the competition with yourself and the atmosphere of a box. Having your fellow crossfitters cheer you on or not judge you when you couldn't quite get that weight up and let it slam against the floor. (it's energizing!)

Box= a CrossFit gym
WOD= Workout of the Day
PR= Personal Record
AMRAP (I haven't used this yet!) = as many reps as possible
Rx'd; as Rx'd= As prescribed; as written. WOD done without any adjustments
# = Pounds
Other things you might be confused about are lift names (ie: snatch, deadlift, clean, jerk, press)

Now a bit about Paleo! If you have heard of the paleo or caveman diet or lifestyle, you may be wondering WTH that means. No, I don't kill animals with clubs and eat them with my hands. Well, I do eat with my hands a lot, but that's out of convenience and laziness! The paleo diet is a diet that is commonly followed by crossfitters. Basically, you only eat things that were available to cavemen! (no processed foods!!) You want to focus on your protein and then add your veggies, nuts and seeds, then fruits. You want to cut out sugar (there is sugar in fruit, so keep that to a minimum!) Keep in mind you want to focus on eating nutrient dense foods over nutrient poor foods. "but but but...where will I get my fiber?! or my calcium?!" Well friend, guess what? Veggies are FULL of fiber and those dark greens, they're full of nutrients including calcium! HA! Go ahead, find a nutrient in your bread or pasta that ISN'T found in meat or vegetables. Most people that follow the paleo lifestyle do an 80% perfect 20% not-so-perfect way. Just figure out what your body can handle, what makes you function and feel best, then run with it. Calories in vs. calories out is a bunch of anyone can believe that eating 100 calories of crappy synthetic food is beyond me! Oh wait...I used to think that way :-P Ok, so listen up, quit counting calories, if you are eating nutrient dense quality foods, and adequate protein, you will feel full and you will feel great! STOP EATING "low-fat" "low-cal" processed junk food. I swear to you, if nothing else, eating a CLEAN DIET will do wonders for you. Paleo worked for me after, I dont know, years of trying to eat "healthy" and failing at losing weight! This is not a fad, this is a way of life :)

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Please ask me about it! otherwise ignore this post, because if you know me outside of this blog, I've already annoyed you with my CrossFit and Paleo talk :)

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