Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fit mind and body

Fit...describes more than just how I feel after a workout. I feel like my life is a perfect fit for me. Things are falling into place and I know I have a looooong road to travel before I'm where I want to be, I can at least say I have direction. I will talk more about all of the exciting things that are happening in my life as they happen! Just know there is a lot going on and you will hear about it and you will be excited for me too! (If you aren't, well then why are you reading my blog silly?!)

I need to update my progress a major overhaul. It just doesn't make sense. I'm working on a better format, again, you have to wait!

Yesterday at CrossFit we did push jerk max. I've never done JUST the push jerk from a rack (we like to train ground to overhead usually...makes sense since it's rare you will find a heavy object chilling at the perfect level with you shoulders, right?) Anywho, we did it and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could throw 150# over my head and hold it there. I am 100% sure that wasn't my max, but alas, class was only an hour and I had to stop because at that point it was taking at least 2 tries to throw the weight up. I love when I get a lift and set my weight down and proceed to taunt the bar as if I just beat it in a fight...I probably look like an idiot especially because, even though I'm tall, I'm not intimidating when I smile or do a happy dance. If the bar could laugh in my would.

Tonight, I'm making boyfriend take pictures of me lifting for future blogs, etc that require pics of me. I should probably practice my lift face. Maybe I'll just smile.

I find that nights where I'm not busy, I make myself busy by turning food item in my apt into a paleo dish, then putting it into the fridge for later consumption. Last night I made paleo banana bread, paleo pizza, and a paleo beef and sweet potato casserole. I need another oven, this took over 3 hours! What did I eat for dinner? 3 links of breakfast sausage....I was too focused and didn't want to ruin my creations!

Hmm, sorry this was quite a wordy post :-X

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