Friday, August 17, 2012

PR'd Run!

I need to get back on my blog horse! I've been a bit distracted, taking on other blog duties and roles (did I tell you about them?!)

I blog for my CrossFit box ( and I am a co-director of the Albany Branch of Girlnetic ( and I also get to blog and host events with Girlnetic. I've been busy! Anywho, I of course have not been too busy to do crossfit or eat paleo because, well thats my life and my happy place. I haven't run more than 2-3 miles in a long time (3miles is really pushing it, I probably haven't run more than 1.5...shh!) Wednesday night, though, somehow I miraculously PR'd my 5k time by finishing at 24:20 (ish, no chips, but it was a small race and I was at the front of the starting line). I am pretty pumped to say I did this thanks to CrossFit! I have not been training to run and yet with cramps and sore muscles, I ran a 5k and PR'd. Heck yes. It was also super awesome to have my fellow crossfitters there and for the majority of us to finish at the front of the race! Go team!

Oo next blog I'm going back in time a bit, I forgot to write all about RAW! Ugh, silly me!

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