Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rest Days are only for the Strong

I think I've mentioned before that a "rest day" in my mind has always been something lazy people use as excuses to...well, be lazy. I attempted to continue my 7 days a week workout routine when I first started crossfit and my God that's not even possible. If you are capable of working out for 7 days straight of crossfit, you aren't pushing yourself hard enough. I like to plan my rest days because otherwise I will torture myself and then end up half-assing my workout. I am addicted to working takes a good deal of convincing to NOT go! I will admit that I am not as sore as I expected to be...probably cause I'm a whiney baby when it comes to kettlebell swings and I keep dropping weight. (This will end once my entire abdomen stops cramping in unbearable pain and I am not longer on blood thinners....til then I reserve my right to be a baby)

*Side-note, if you're wondering why I'm on blood thinners and in crazy pain, I donated eggs on saturday (not chicken eggs haha) to a woman that can not have children on her own. This is the second time I've done this, but the first time it cause pain :(

So, back to rest days. Like I said, these are important! I work out less than ever and I'm losing weight and seeing serious muscle changes. I love it. I feel amazing. I can't wait to train for another run and see how much my endurance has improved. The only downside to rest days is I have to limit my usual veggie/fruit carbs. No sweet taters or fruit for me today!

Off topic random note: using spaghetti squash or zucchini/squash as pasta instead of normal noodles is awesome! You can eat so much and not feel big and know that feeling....the why the hell did I keep eating?! feeling.

the sun is shining and its a new day to be you're best. Never give up.

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